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  • The specification of CaCl2 when purchase
  • Release time:2017-06-12        Views:156
  • With the rapid development of anhydrous calcium chloride, the quality of products appearing in the market is not the same. Therefore, in order to ensure the interests of customers, we introduce several indicators to be referred to when purchasing anhydrous calcium chloride.

    1. Resistant to acid and alkali: Long-term immersion in liquids with strong acid and strong alkali to maintain colorful appearance.

    2, high brightness: From the surface brightness to distinguish, high-quality anhydrous calcium chloride with high flash, high brightness, mirror effect is obvious.

    3, high temperature: can be cooked in the way, the anhydrous calcium chloride placed in high temperature cooking without fading or partial fading is the top grade.

    4, the shape of one: under the microscope to see the shape of the product, a shape gauge, showing a standard hexagon, there is no case of size and powder.

    High-quality anhydrous calcium chloride does not contain metal components, but due to the optical properties of the polymeric film that compose the product, the product has a metallic color change and luster, with a noticeable color change.

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