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  • The method to produce calcium chloride liquid
  • Release time:2017-06-12        Views:130
  • The process of fluidized production of granular calcium chloride uses liquid calcium chloride as a raw material and is produced in a boiling dry granulation tower. The boiling section of the boiling granulation tower is an inverted cone, and the lower part is an air distribution orifice. Above the orifice is a boiling layer. Precipitate the calcium chloride seed crystals in the air distribution orifice plate first, and blow high temperature hot air under the orifice plate to make it fluidized. At the same time, the liquid calcium chloride is sprayed through the nozzle and atomized into the boiling layer. Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the production of liquid calcium chloride. I hope you will like it.

    1. The use of liquid calcium chloride 10,000 tons, instead of cesium chloride as the purifying agent for electrolysis of salt liquid, do not use highly toxic cesium chloride, eliminating the need for caustic soda production and dissolution process, reducing its production costs, social benefits are significant.

    2. Under slow agitation, excess hydrochloric acid reacts with limestone slurry. In addition to carbon dioxide under negative pressure, lime milk is neutralized. In addition to impurities, the content of liquid calcium chloride is higher than that of foreign reports, and the appearance is clarified.

    The liquid calcium chloride rapidly contacts with the high-temperature hot air and seed crystals in the boiling layer and generates strong heat exchange, so that the droplets continuously adhering to the seed crystal surface are quickly dehydrated and dried. Under this effect, the seed crystals will gradually grow up to form approximately spherical granular calcium chloride. In the center of the orifice, there is a feed pipe, granular calcium chloride, which is discharged outside the tower through the feed pipe. The invention realizes large-scale industrial scale production, and the obtained calcium chloride particles have good sphericity.

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