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  • The usage of CaCl2 liquid
  • Release time:2017-06-12        Views:324
  • What are the uses of liquid calcium chloride?

    1. Liquid calcium chloride is a desiccant commonly used in industrial and laboratory applications, such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and other gases, but it cannot be used to dry ethanol and ammonia. It is used as a dehydrating agent in the production of alcohols, esters, ethers and acrylics.

    2. The inorganic industry is used as a raw material for the production of metallic calcium, barium chloride, and various calcium salts. In order to prevent the decrease of the concentration of liquid calcium chloride and cause the freezing point temperature to rise, the specific gravity of the liquid calcium chloride must be measured periodically with a pycnometer. If the concentration decreases, it should be supplemented to maintain the proper concentration. The solidification temperature of the liquid calcium chloride varies with the concentration. When the concentration of the solution is 29.9%, the minimum solidification temperature of the calcium chloride salt is -55[deg.] C.; the calcium chloride aqueous solution is corrosive to the equipment, and care should be taken when using it.

    3, the construction industry used as antifreeze to accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of building mortar.

    4. Microorganism industry is used as a medium for haploid breeding.

    5. Analytical chemistry is used to determine the carbon content of steel, whole blood grape wine, serum inorganic phosphorus, and serum alkaline phosphatase activity.

    6. Used as protective agent and refining agent for aluminum-magnesium metallurgy.

    The role and use of liquid calcium chloride are introduced to you here, thank you for your continued support and love. If there are other questions, please continue to follow our website or call us.

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